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Veneer glass wool

veneer glass wool

  Glass wool is a glass wool rolled felt product which is made by melting glass and curing with binder. The diameter of glass wool depends on the centrifugal extrusion technology.
  ound absorption and noise reduction can effectively prevent sound transmission. Simple construction and random cutting. Anti-bacterial and anti-mildew, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, to ensure a healthy environment. Class A1 fire protection, permanent non-flammable. Low humidity, high durability. Nowadays, glass wool board has been widely used in building exterior wall insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, industrial kiln insulation, steel insulation board sandwich, etc.
  Glass wool board is a deep-processing product of glass wool. Its raw material is semi-finished glass wool board, which is made by polishing, spraying, sticking, processing and other processes. In order to ensure a certain decorative effect, there are basically two ways to deal with the surface: one is to paste plastic facing paper; the other is to spray on its surface. Spraying is often made into relief shape, the shape of which has large flowers pressing, medium flowers pressing and small dot spraying patterns. It has many colours to choose from. At present, it's mostly white.

  Main characteristics
  1 Fireproof Performance
  Glass wool has a fire-proof grade-A non-combustible material, which meets the relevant national fire protection requirements, protects the safety of buildings, and ensures the safety of users'lives and property.
  2 thermal insulation performance

  Glass wool is a glass wool rolled felt product which is made   by melting glass and curing with binder. The diameter of glass wool depends on the centrifugal extrusion technology.

  3 Environmental Protection Performance
  Glass wool is an inorganic thermal insulation material made of colorless flat glass and quartz sand as the main raw materials. It is a green building material product. Construction waste can be recycled and meets the requirements of environmental protection.
  4 Acoustic Performance
  Glass wool interior porous structure, so that it has sound absorption ability, optimize the comfort of indoor environment.
  5 Seismic Performance of Structures

Glass wool has high strength, good tensile and vibration resistance because of its thin and long fibers. It is not easy to sag, fall or collapse in installation or long-term use.
  6 Chemical properties
  Glass wool material has good dimensional stability and is not easily damaged and eroded by natural and artificial factors such as high temperature, lightning, rain, sunshine, acid and alkali.
  7 Permeability
  The porous open structure and production formula of glass wool make it more permeable than other thermal insulation materials, help to diffuse moisture in indoor and wall in time, greatly reduce the possibility of mould growth, prolong the service life of buildings, and also improve the comfort of indoor environment.
  8 hydrophobicity
  Water-repellent glass wool for curtain wall is a kind of high water-repellent glass wool product. Its water-repellent rate conforms to the national standard. It is easy to dry after damp and can keep warm for a long time.
  9 light weight
  Glass wool has good insulation and sound insulation performance, making its low density glass wool meet the energy saving requirements of the corresponding specifications. Glass wool is a lightweight material in A-grade fire-proof insulation material, which can not only reduce the load of the building itself, but also facilitate construction and improve construction efficiency.
  10 Construction Installation Performance
  Glass wool material is soft, easy to cut, arbitrary cutting surface is neat, can greatly improve the installation efficiency, save labor costs and shorten the installation period.
  Our main products are rock wool board, rubber-plastic board, pipe, aluminium silicate board, blanket, glass wool board, felt, waterproof breathable film, sound insulation soft clad board and other green energy-saving products. From the signing of contracts to the process of customer signing and receiving a one-stop service. Rock wool board products have high strength and good elasticity. Rock wool board with certain pressure resistance and folding treatment has great drawing strength, and is not easy to rise, which greatly improves the durability and firmness.


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