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Rubber and plastic plate

Grade B2 rubber and plastic board

The rubber plastic plate is of closed bubble structure, which effectively insulates the water vapor. Even if the surface of the product is scratched, it will not affect the overall vapor barrier, so it is not necessary to add another vapor barrier. Excellent water vapor permeability resistance, low water absorption, low thermal conductivity, and can maintain stability for a long time. Its thickness is much thinner than other insulation materials, saving labor and material. Fire retardant effect is good, self extinguishing, waterproof rubber and plastic board, no delay burning, meet the fire demand. Wide temperature range, rubber and plastic board, superior weather aging resistance, long-term resistance to cold, hot, dry, wet and other harsh environment. Rich in softness, easy to install, clean and beautiful appearance. It has shock absorption and sound absorption effect.

Rubber and plastic board features:
Rubber plastic plate is closed cell elastic material and fire-proof rubber plastic plate, which has the properties of soft bending resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, waterproof, low thermal conductivity, shock absorption, sound absorption, etc. its closed cell foam structure has very small permeability, low water permeability, and good heat insulation effect.
Advantages of rubber and plastic board:
(I) green environmental protection: it does not contain chlorine and fluoride harmful to the atmosphere, and meets the requirements of ISO14000 international environmental protection certification, so it will not produce any pollutants harmful to human body during installation and application.
(II) low thermal conductivity: Rubber and plastic thermal insulation material is a high-quality thermal insulation and energy-saving material, which is a killer of cold insulation, heat insulation and condensation prevention. The thermal conductivity is low and stable, and has an isolation effect on any thermal medium.
(III) good fire performance: Rubber and plastic materials meet the national standard GB8624 "analysis method of burning performance of building materials", which is determined to be grade gb8624b1 fire-resistant materials through test.
(IV) closed bubble structure: Rubber and plastic are closed bubble structure, the water in the outside air is difficult to penetrate into the material, with excellent resistance to water vapor penetration, and no need to add vapor barrier on the surface of the cold insulation layer. Rubber plastic moisture resistance factor μ value is greater than 3500 (iso9346) to form a built-in waterproof vapor layer, even if the product is scratched, it will not affect the overall vapor barrier. Rubber and plastic are both insulation layer and damp proof layer.
(5) the thickness of rubber and plastic with thin material and space saving is about two-thirds less than that of other heat preservation materials. Therefore, the space above the ceiling of the floor can be saved and the indoor height can be improved.
(VI) long service life: Rubber and plastic have excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti cold, anti-inflammatory heat, anti drying, anti humidity, as well as anti ultraviolet, ozone resistance, 25 years of non-aging, non deformation, maintenance free service life and other characteristics.
(VII) the appearance of high-grade, uniform and beautiful rubber and plastic has a high elastic and smooth surface, and the texture is soft. Even if it is installed on irregular components such as elbows, tees, valves, etc., it can remain intact and beautiful. The appearance does not need decoration, even without ceiling, it can also maintain high-grade.
(VIII) the installation is convenient and fast, because the material is soft, and there is no need for other auxiliary layers, the construction and installation is simple, and the installation of the pipeline can follow the progress of the pipeline installation

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