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Rubber tube

B1 rubber plastic pipe

The xlb1 rubber and plastic insulation pipe is made of closed cell elastomer material, which has excellent properties such as softness, bending resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, water resistance, low thermal conductivity, shock absorption, sound absorption, etc. It can be widely used in air conditioning, construction, chemical industry, medicine, light textile, metallurgy, ships, vehicles, electrical appliances and other industries and departments of all kinds of hot and cold medium pipes, containers, which can achieve the effect of reducing cold and heat loss.

·Flame retardant (it is not easy to burn, and it will be extinguished after leaving the fire source)
·Closed cell structure can effectively prevent heat conduction
·Thermal conductivity, not more than 0.034w/m · K at 0 ° C.
·High surface heat release coefficient, up to 9W / m2k
·With excellent water vapor resistance, the moisture resistance μ ≥ 5000 forms a "built-in" waterproof vapor layer, which makes the insulation board as a whole be both a thermal insulation layer and a moisture-proof layer.
·Fire performance aerobic index over 32
·Easy and fast installation
·CFC, HFC or HCFC free fluorocarbon materials, formaldehyde, dust and fiber free
Fuerda rubber and plastic insulation board has excellent fire protection performance, and the service temperature range is - 50 ℃ to 110 ℃
application area
·Refrigeration unit and equipment of central air conditioning system
·Chilled water pipe
·Condensate pipe
·Air and hot water pipes


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