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Rubber tube

B2 rubber plastic pipe

The thermal conductivity of Kelong rubber and plastic pipe is low and completely closed structure, with good heat insulation effect; the material is completely isolated from water vapor, without water absorption, condensation and long service life. After SGS testing, the measured value is far lower than the EU standard value of non toxic substances, and the use is healthy and safe; the appearance is soft and beautiful, easy to bend, and the construction is convenient and fast, and no other auxiliary materials are required.
Energy saving advantages of rubber and plastic insulation pipe material: product features:

A. low density, closed bubble structure, low thermal conductivity. The material has long service life and low cost of daily maintenance.
B. closed bubble structure and dense skin make it difficult for water vapor to pass through and have low water absorption.
C. soft material, convenient construction and installation, beautiful appearance and flatness.
D. the product has a wide range of use temperatures, from - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃, with good weather resistance and durability.
E. excellent fire performance
The products are widely used in all kinds of cold and hot medium pipes and containers of industries and departments such as central air conditioning, medicine, textile, ship, vehicle, electrical appliances, etc., which can achieve the energy saving effect of reducing the cold and heat loss
Industrial and civil buildings: internal and external wall and roof insulation layer of high-rise buildings, insulation layer of various pipes, air conditioning duct, fire door, core layer of wall, inflammable warehouse, cold storage, etc. Petroleum and chemical engineering: Petrochemical transportation pipeline, thermal pipeline, cold and hot air duct insulation, chemical vessel insulation. Vehicles and ships: thermal insulation of passenger vehicles, refrigerated vehicles and special vehicles; thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection of civil, ship, hull and cabin.

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