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Color rubber sponge

Color rubber and plastic board

The company adopts special technology and advanced technology to produce color rubber and plastic sponge products, mainly including color rubber and plastic plate and color rubber and plastic pipe. The color rubber and plastic insulation material is a closed cell structure, all the bubbles are disconnected and independent, forming a stable and evenly distributed vapor barrier, thus reducing the heat exchange inside and outside the product. At the same time, the independent airtight bubble structure is not only heat preservation and steam isolation, but also can prevent the water vapor from permeating inside and outside under the special environment of the damaged skin, so as to obtain the long-term and effective anti condensation feature. It is a large-scale central air conditioning heat insulation material.

Rubber and plastic board application:
Industrial and civil buildings: internal and external wall and roof insulation layer of high-rise buildings, insulation layer of various pipes, air conditioning duct, fire door, core layer of wall, inflammable warehouse, cold storage, etc.
Petroleum and chemical engineering: Petrochemical transportation pipeline, thermal pipeline, cold and hot air duct insulation, chemical vessel insulation.
Vehicles and ships: thermal insulation of passenger vehicles, refrigerated vehicles and special vehicles; thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection of civil and military ships, hulls and cabins.
Household appliances: water tank, freezer, refrigerator, etc.


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