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Color rubber sponge

Color rubber plastic pipe

The company adopts special technology and advanced technology to produce color rubber and plastic sponge products, mainly including color rubber and plastic plate and color rubber and plastic pipe. The color rubber and plastic insulation material is a closed cell structure, all the bubbles are disconnected and independent, forming a stable and evenly distributed vapor barrier, thus reducing the heat exchange inside and outside the product. At the same time, the independent airtight bubble structure is not only heat preservation and steam isolation, but also can prevent the water vapor from permeating inside and outside under the special environment of the damaged skin, so as to obtain the long-term and effective anti condensation feature. It is a large-scale central air conditioning heat insulation material.


Color rubber and plastic pipe application:
As the thermal insulation material of building pipes, color rubber and plastic pipes play an important role in building. The company is a manufacturer of color rubber and plastic pipes, whose products have high elasticity, can ensure the normal transportation of pipes in hot and cold weather, and have high flexibility, so that you can easily and quickly during construction and installation, save installation cost and time, and save materials at the same time. You can see from the pictures of color rubber and plastic tube products that the appearance of the products is beautiful, the surface is smooth and flat, which makes you absolutely love it. The color rubber and plastic tube products can also be reused
The color rubber plastic pipe has a low thermal conductivity and a completely closed hole structure, with good heat insulation effect for a long time; the material is completely isolated from water vapor, does not absorb water, does not condense, and has a long service life. After SGS testing, the actual measured value is far lower than the European Union standard value for non toxic substances, and the use is healthy and safe; the appearance is soft and beautiful, easy to bend, and the construction is convenient and fast, and no other auxiliary materials are required.
Color rubber and plastic pipe features:
Low density, airtight bubble structure, low thermal conductivity, water vapor permeability, water absorption, rich softness, easy construction.
It is suitable for a wide range of temperature, from - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃, with good anti-aging performance and durability. The flame retardant effect has reached the national B1 Standard.
Green environmental protection, from production to installation, fully in line with the national environmental protection requirements, the overall appearance is beautiful.
Based on the above characteristics, this product is widely used for heat preservation and insulation of all kinds of water vapor pipes in the central air conditioning refrigeration room, construction, ship, vehicle and other industries. And obtained the ideal use effect.

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