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Composite rubber and plastic sponge

Aluminum foil rubber sponge

xiaolong aluminum foil rubber and plastic sponge products: the rubber and plastic insulation pipe adopts aluminum foil composite technology to improve its moisture resistance, delay the aging speed of the material, completely avoid the defects of rubber and plastic material surface cracking, and greatly improve the service life of the material. Moreover, the non combustible aluminum foil pasted on the outside further improves the fireproof performance of the insulating layer. The product is used for air conditioning refrigeration insulation, roof insulation, automobile roof, engine cover and fire wall insulation and shock absorption.

Advantages of aluminum foil rubber plastic sponge:
As the aluminum foil layer is silvery white, the decorative effect is enhanced. The material will not irritate the skin or harm the health in use. It can prevent the growth of mould, avoid the bite of pests or rats, and is acid and alkali resistant. It is an ideal heat insulation material for pipeline protection. Rubber and plastic board belongs to Class B1 material, which has good fire resistance and is a typical fire-resistant material. Moreover, rubber and plastic board is a green and environmentally friendly material, which makes our use of rubber and plastic board more comfortable.
1. Strength: refers to the stress that the material can bear when it is not damaged under the action of external force load. According to the different ways of action of external forces, the strength of materials includes tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength and shear strength.
2. Strength grade: according to the size of its ultimate strength, it is divided into several different grades, which are called the strength grade of materials.


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