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Composite rubber and plastic sponge

Self adhesive rubber sponge

xiaolong company according to market demand and customer requirements processing of rubber and plastic products. This product is quick, convenient and material saving in construction. It can be used after uncovering kraft paper.
Features of rubber and plastic products:
A. low density, closed bubble structure, low thermal conductivity. The material has long service life and low cost of daily maintenance.
B. closed bubble structure and dense skin make it difficult for water vapor to pass through and have low water absorption.
C. soft material, convenient construction and installation, beautiful appearance and flatness.
D. the product has a wide range of use temperatures, from - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃, with good weather resistance and durability.
E. excellent fire performance (reaching Class B1)

Rubber and plastic board application:
The products are widely used in all kinds of cold and hot medium pipes and containers of industries and departments such as central air conditioning, medicine, textile, ship, vehicle, electrical appliances, etc., which can achieve the energy saving effect of reducing the cold and heat loss
Properties of rubber plastic board:
Rubber and plastic materials, due to their unique chemical structure, belong to flammable products and produce melting drops in the combustion process. In order to meet the requirements of flame retardant in use, the following methods are generally used in the world at present:
1. Improve the oxygen index. The oxygen index of the material is the lowest oxygen concentration to maintain the continuous combustion of the material. The higher the oxygen index is, the better the flame retardancy of the material is, and vice versa. If the oxygen index is more than 26, the flame will be extinguished automatically in the air. If the oxygen index is more than 32, it is difficult to burn in the air. The common methods to improve the oxygen index of flammable materials are: copolymerization, that is, introducing atoms such as X, P and n into the molecular chain through copolymerization, and producing HX and NH3 during the combustion and decomposition of materials, which can dilute the density of small molecular alkenes and alkanes produced by the broken chain and inhibit the combustion reaction; grafting, that is to say, monomers with good flame retardancy can be grafted into the flammable part through grafting reaction In order to improve the flame retardancy of the sub chain, the crosslinking method is that the linear molecular chain forms a network structure between the molecular chains through the crosslinking reaction to achieve the purpose of improving the oxygen index. Crosslinking is the way to improve the oxygen index of rubber and plastic materials.
2. Add flame retardant additives to insulate the combustion products from air and combustible gas and improve the flame retardant performance of the products. There are two kinds of flame retardant additives: halogen additive and metal hydroxide flame retardant.
Advantages of rubber and plastic board:
1. The closed bubble structure can effectively prevent heat conduction, and the thermal conductivity is not more than 0.034w/m · K at 0 ℃.
2. High surface heat release coefficient, up to 9W / m2k
3. The "built-in" waterproof vapor layer is composed of excellent moisture resistance μ ≥ 5000, which makes the insulation board as a whole be both the insulation layer and the moisture-proof layer.
4. The fire performance and aerobic index are more than 32, and the installation is simple and fast. CFC, HFC or HCFC and other fluorocarbon materials are not included, formaldehyde, dust and fiber are not included.
5. The rubber and plastic insulation pipe has excellent water vapor resistance. The wet resistance 5000 is not only the insulation layer but also the moisture-proof layer;
6. CFC, HFC or HCFC and other fluorocarbon materials are not included, formaldehyde, dust and fiber are not included;
7. Rubber plastic insulation pipe has excellent fire resistance. It is a Class B1 flame-retardant material, and the service temperature range is - 50 ℃ to 110 ℃.

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