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Composite rubber and plastic sponge

Rubber and plastic egg cotton

Langfang xiaolong insulation material Co., Ltd. provides you with rubber and plastic egg sound-absorbing cotton egg cotton, also known as wave cotton and wave cotton. It's one of the sound-absorbing cotton. Egg cotton is a kind of sponge with a convex concave wave shape formed by special treatment of equipment. It is made of veneer, core material and sound-absorbing felt according to acoustic principle. Wood sound-absorbing board is divided into slot wood sound-absorbing board and hole wood sound-absorbing board. In general, the pipe cutting gap should be installed in an inconspicuous place as far as possible, and the pipe cutting gap should be staggered with each other. Langfang Kelong insulation material Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of rubber and plastic insulation materials, rubber and plastic insulation board, rubber and plastic insulation pipe, aluminum foil rubber and plastic sponge, if necessary, welcome to inquire.
Products are widely used in: conference room, studio, theater, audio-visual room, opera house, leisure, multi function hall, music hall, bar, restaurant, shopping mall, school, auditorium, gymnasium, etc. The material has excellent fire and flame retardant effect.

With the development, people have more and more requirements for products. Just like insulation board, it not only requires good insulation performance, but also has certain requirements for its waterproof performance. Many friends will ask whether the rubber and plastic insulation board has good waterproof performance.
Our company is a professional rubber and plastic sponge production enterprise. We produce and supply rubber and plastic sponge for a long time, and rubber and plastic processing series is one of them. We have advanced processing equipment and professional processing technology, coupled with experienced design and production personnel, to ensure that the products in production can play a long and efficient role in its application place. The processing process is the key link to ensure the product quality. Therefore, our company's thermal insulation materials are equipped with a perfect quality inspection system to ensure that the products delivered from the factory are of high quality, low price and superior performance. We also welcome our friends to join us in more supervision and support.

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