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Composite rubber and plastic sponge

Rubber sheet

We can process all kinds of thickness rubber and plastic sheet according to customer's requirement.
Rubber and plastic sheet: the rubber and plastic sheet is delicately processed according to the acoustic principle, which is composed of facing, core material and sound-absorbing felt. Wood sound-absorbing board is divided into slot wood sound-absorbing board and hole wood sound-absorbing board. In general, the pipe cutting gap should be installed in an inconspicuous place as far as possible, and the pipe cutting gap should be staggered with each other. Is a research and development, production and sales of rubber and plastic insulation materials, rubber and plastic insulation board, rubber and plastic insulation pipe, aluminum foil rubber and plastic sponge, if necessary, welcome to inquire,

Advantages of rubber and plastic board:
1. Strength: refers to the stress that the material can bear when it is not damaged under the action of external force load. According to the different ways of action of external forces, the strength of materials includes tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength and shear strength.
2. Strength grade: according to the size of its ultimate strength, it is divided into several different grades, which are called the strength grade of materials.
Rubber and plastic pipe is characterized by good sound insulation effect, and if it is for commercial use, its appearance should be noticed when using. However, it can be arranged according to the characteristics of materials when purchasing. In a very case, rubber and plastic pipe has many specifications and types. Compared with other insulation materials, its installation and accessories are very simple. In addition, it is vibration proof during use Function, so flexibility, can achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control.
Products are widely used in: conference room, studio, theater, audio-visual room, opera house, leisure, multi function hall, music hall, bar, restaurant, shopping mall, school, auditorium, gymnasium, etc. The material has excellent fire and flame retardant effect.
With the development, people have more and more requirements for products. Just like insulation board, it not only requires good insulation performance, but also has certain requirements for its waterproof performance. Because of its excellent comprehensive properties, rubber and plastic insulation board can prevent mold growth and avoid pests or rats.

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