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Rock wool board

Outer wall rock wool board

With natural basalt as the main raw material, the outer wall rock wool of Kelong is made into artificial inorganic fiber by high-speed centrifugal equipment after high-temperature melting. At the same time, special adhesive and dust-proof oil are added, and then it is heated and solidified to produce rock wool insulation products of various specifications and requirements. Rock wool and mineral wool can be made into rock wool board, rock wool strip, rock wool felt, rock wool blanket (rock wool felt), rock wool pipe and other rock wool products.
Performance characteristics of outer wall rock wool board:
1. Thermal insulation performance: good thermal insulation performance is the basic characteristic of rock wool and slag wool products. Under normal temperature (about 25 ℃), the thermal conductivity of rock wool is usually between 0.03-0.047w / (Mok).
2. Combustion performance: the combustion performance of rock wool and slag wool products depends on the number of combustible adhesives. Rock wool and slag wool are inorganic mineral fibers, which are not combustible. In the process of processing products, sometimes organic binders or additives are added, which will have a certain impact on the combustion performance of products.
3. Sound insulation performance: rock wool and slag wool products have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption performance. The sound absorption mechanism is that the products have porous structure. When sound waves pass through, friction occurs due to the effect of flow resistance, so that part of the sound energy is absorbed by fibers, which hinders the transmission of sound waves.
Elastic, medium strength rock wool board: suitable for building wall / roof insulation, fire protection, sound absorption, such as curtain wall, interior wall partition, elevator shaft, etc.
High strength rock wool board: it is suitable for various conditions of high and low temperature, with good bearing and compression characteristics, especially for the heat preservation and insulation of large ships, containers, ovens, pipelines and industrial equipment.
Pressure resistant rock wool board: can bear huge high load. It is suitable for roof insulation of waiting room and large workshop.

Technical performance

Technical guidance


Thermal conductivityW/(m.k)


Normal temperature

Slag ball content% (particle diameter > 0.25mm)

12 below


No combustible



fiber diameter(μ)


working temperature (℃)


Acidity coefficient




Moisture absorption rate(%)

< 5


Density tolerance(%)


Resin content

Rock wool board≯3
  Rock wool felt≯1
  Rock wool tube≯3.5





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