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Rock wool board

Soundproof rock wool board

The soundproof rock wool board produced by xiaolong Company can be customized to process various specifications of products. In the field of building energy-saving and thermal insulation materials, the company complies with the national energy-saving policy. According to its development characteristics, the company has developed a strong quality assurance system in terms of product quality. The laboratory conducts regular spot checks and carries out follow-up coordination in the later stages of construction. The company strives to provide customers with products with higher performance-to-price ratio and better service while ensuring quality.
Sometimes it is necessary to add organic binder or additives, which will have a certain impact on the combustion performance of the product.
Sound insulation performance: Rock wool has excellent sound insulation and sound absorption performance. Its sound absorption mechanism is that this product has a porous structure. When sound waves pass through, friction is generated due to flow resistance.

It is mainly suitable for heat preservation, cold preservation, sound absorption and fire prevention of power plants, oil depots, metallurgy and chemical enterprises, such as boilers, storage tanks, heat exchangers, reaction dust collectors, dryers, ovens, large diameter pipelines, etc. It is the most economical and lightweight thermal insulation material.

Rock wool implementation standard:

According to the national standard GB/T 11835-2007, the hydrophobicity of rock wool board is greater than or equal to 98%, which means that there will still be a very small amount of water penetrating into waterproof rock wool board, but it will not affect the performance and engineering application of waterproof rock wool board. However, if it is stored in the open air and soaked in water for a long time and the water flow is too large, the water permeating into the waterproof rock wool board will increase, which will affect the performance and engineering application of waterproof rock wool board.

Use of rock wool board products:

Thermal insulation rock wool board is used for thermal insulation and sound insulation of various fire and sound insulation places, industrial equipment, buildings and ships, such as office partition, decoration of dance halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums and other places, and sound insulation and drying rooms of broadcasting rooms and recording studios.
Product features:
1. Rock wool board is an inorganic thermal insulation material. It is made of iron slag as the main raw material, melted and cooled by high-pressure steam injection. It has the advantages of light weight, small thermal conductivity, good elasticity, non-combustion, non-moth, non-decay, and chemical stability. It also has excellent sound insulation performance.
2. Rock wool boards are widely used in various fire-proof and sound-proof places in addition to the general movable structures with the function of heat preservation and heat insulation.

Rock wool board performance:

  1. Thermal insulation performance: Good thermal insulation performance is the basic characteristic of rock wool. Their thermal conductivity is about 25℃ at normal temperature.  

  2. Combustion Performance: The combustion performance of rock wool depends on the amount of combustible adhesive. Rock wool itself belongs to inorganic silicate fiber and is nonflammable. In the process of processing into products, part of acoustic energy is absorbed by the fiber, which hinders the transmission of acoustic wave.

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