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Rock wool felt

Wire mesh rock wool felt

Fanlong wire mesh seam felt is made of high-quality wire mesh and processed and compounded with Fanlongyan cotton felt. It is used for thermal insulation of large-scale pipeline tanks and special-shaped industrial equipment. Rock wool composite products are the same as aluminum silicate composite materials, and special rock wool products can be processed and manufactured according to user requirements.

Rock wool felt is made of basalt and other natural ores as main raw materials. Rock wool insulation pipes are melted into fibers at high temperature and processed with appropriate amount of binder. It has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, high service temperature, fire prevention, easy construction, high performance-price ratio, etc.

Use of rock wool felt:

Rock wool felt is suitable for construction, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, textile, national defense, transportation and other professions. It is the ideal data for thermal insulation and sound insulation of industrial equipment such as pipeline storage tanks, boilers, flues, heat exchangers, fans, vehicles and ships. It is especially convenient and quick for the construction of small-mouth straight pipelines. Waterproof rock wool tube has the special functions of moisture-proof, heat removal and hydrophobicity, and is especially suitable for use in rainy and humid environments, with moisture absorption rate below 5% and hydrophobicity rate above 98%。

Technical parameters of rock wool felt:


Technical performance


Technical index

Technical index of rock wool

Thermal conductivity

Large truck / hour





fiber diameter



Slag ball content



working temperature


Acidity coefficient



Installation technology of rock wool felt:

Rock wool felt and rock wool products have been greatly shaken by environmental protection management. The price has gone up sharply. It is very hard. The following matters should be paid attention to during the construction of rock wool tube. Rock wool tube has the characteristics of heat resistance, flame retardancy, small thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption rate, non-corrosivity, etc., especially hydrophobic rock wool tube, whose hydrophobic rate is as high as 98%, which is very suitable for pipe insulation in dim and humid places. Therefore, whether the indoor pipeline is still an outdoor overhead pipeline, including the supply and return water laid in the trench and the color heating pipeline, when rock wool insulation pipe is used as the insulation layer, the following matters shall be paid attention to during construction:

  1. Rock wool felt is wrapped on the pipe. Use the overall advantage to squeeze the rock wool tube firmly. Use glass fiber cloth to bind it quickly. When binding, the force should be uniform. The stubble pressing should be flat and the thickness should be the same. The number of layers wrapped in glass fiber cloth is determined according to planning and construction requirements and environmental conditions. The glass fiber reinforced plastic paint is applied to the glass fiber reinforced plastic paint. If glass fiber cloth without edge sealing is selected as the maintenance shell, the burrs should be folded and not exposed. Remember that it is necessary to have a maintenance layer outside the rock wool insulation pipe.  

  2. When wrapping the glass fiber cloth, the width of the glass fiber cloth shall be cut according to the diameter of the pipe. In order to ensure its flatness and beauty, the glass fiber cloth stubble shall be left on the inner side of the pipe. Other requirements shall be the same as the first step.

  3. The pipe insulation uses iron sheet as the maintenance layer. The longitudinal seam lap joint shall face downward. The lap length of iron sheet shall be the structure of the iron sheet maintenance layer at the 30mm bend.

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