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Rock wool strip

Fire barrier of external wall

Langfang xiaolong thermal insulation material Co., Ltd. provides you with rock wool strips and fire-proof isolation belts for external walls. The fire-proof isolation belts refer to isolation spaces and related facilities which are used to prevent large-scale fire and protect life and property.
The fire-proof isolation belt is set in the external insulation system of combustible insulation materials. According to the horizontal direction, the non combustion insulation joint is used to prevent the fire spreading along the external wall or in the external insulation system of the external wall of the building

Rock wool fire isolation belt belongs to inorganic fire isolation belt, which has several advantages:
1. High fire resistance
Rock wool fire-proof isolation belt belongs to class A1 fire-proof material, which has good fire resistance, and the fire resistance degree reaches over 1000 ℃, which fully meets the fire resistance requirements of the fire-proof isolation belt.
2. High thermal insulation
The hydrophobic rate of rock wool fire-proof isolation belt is more than 98%, and high closure rate reduces convective heat transfer, which is the precondition of high heat insulation. Therefore, the thermal conductivity of Zhucheng fire insulation belt can reach 0.045w/m · K, which is basically equivalent to that of polystyrene board, and can meet the needs of building insulation.
3. Relatively good strength, not easy to break
Zhucheng fire isolation belt has high compressive, flexural and strength indexes, which achieves the relative unity of low density and high strength. It is not easy to be broken in use and transportation, and conforms to the fire integrity.
4. Light weight
Light weight is another advantage of rock wool fire separation zone. When the density is 100-300kg / m3, it can completely meet the requirements of various indexes of the fire barrier. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the cost.
5. Non toxic and harmless
The raw materials of the rock wool fire-proof isolation belt will not burn under high temperature and will not release toxic gas, which belongs to safe and environmental protection building materials.
6. Long service life
The service life of rock wool fire-proof isolation belt is more than 50 years, which can keep pace with the service life of the building.
7. Good water resistance
As the hydrophobic rate of rock wool fire-proof isolation belt reaches 98%, the water resistance is very superior.

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