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Compound rock wool

Composite rock wool board

Our main products are rock wool board, rubber and plastic board, tube, aluminum silicate board, blanket, glass wool board, felt, waterproof and breathable film, sound insulation soft cover board and other green heat preservation, sound insulation and energy-saving products. From the signing of the contract to the signing of the customer, we provide one-stop service. Rock wool board products have high strength and good elasticity, with a certain pressure resistance, after pleating treatment rock wool board has a larger pull-out strength, not easy to lift layer, greatly improving the solid durability.
Elastic, medium strength rock wool board: suitable for building wall / roof insulation, fire protection, sound absorption, such as curtain wall, interior wall partition, elevator shaft, etc.
High strength rock wool board: it is suitable for various conditions of high and low temperature, with good bearing and compression characteristics, especially for the heat preservation and insulation of large ships, containers, ovens, pipelines and industrial equipment. Pressure resistant rock wool board: can bear huge high load.  It is suitable for roof insulation of waiting room and large workshop.
Five performance advantages of rock wool board:
Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic material has special properties, tough and solid surface, bearing up to more than 350 kg, excellent wind resistance and impact resistance; high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other advantages; it solves technical problems such as return brine, frost, etc., with a service life of more than 30 years.
reasonable design
Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation board room can be designed and built according to the requirements: labor-saving, easy to install, such as: building a 756 square meter chicken house, only 8 workers, time: 4-6 days. Spray the glass fiber reinforced plastic special paint as bright as glaze, match thousands of colors at will, make the appearance of the board room more beautiful and generous.
Fast and convenient construction
Adopt plate or combination installation and dry operation, with excellent characteristics of nailing, sawing, planing, drilling, sticking, etc.
Good heat preservation performance
Glass fiber reinforced plastic is used to increase the strength of the surface of the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation board room.
Energy saving and environmental protection
The production process does not need high temperature and high pressure; products: non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, non radioactive, green and new energy-saving building materials.


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