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Compound rock wool

Aluminum foil faced rock wool board

Langfang xiaolong thermal insulation material Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of rock wool board, rock wool felt, rock wool pipe, rock wool strip and other rock wool thermal insulation materials. Can be customized to process various specifications of products. Aluminum foil paper rock wool board is a kind of rock wool board, a very strong waterproof insulation material. Aluminum foil paper rock wool board is to attach a layer of aluminum foil paper on the surface of basic materials of rock wool board. Main functions: moisture-proof, heat reflection, etc. A layer of aluminum foil paper is attached to the surface of rock wool board, which has a great effect on the moisture-proof performance of rock wool board.

Performance features:
Waterproof and thermal insulation: the rock wool board with aluminum foil paper has enhanced waterproof performance. Due to its low thermal conductivity, the thermal insulation performance has good thermal insulation effect. Good thermal insulation is the basic characteristic of rock wool and its products. Under normal temperature (about 25 ℃), the thermal conductivity of rock wool is usually between 0.03 and 0.047w / (Mok).
Fire prevention: the surface material and thermal insulation material of rock wool board are non combustible materials, which can fully meet the requirements of fire prevention specifications. The combustion performance depends on the amount of combustible adhesive. Rock wool itself belongs to inorganic mineral fiber and is not combustible.
Durability: a variety of studies have shown that the shelf life of color steel plate treated with special coating is 10-15 years, and after spraying anticorrosive coating every 10 years, the service life of the plate can reach more than 35 years.
Beauty: it can meet the needs of any style of buildings and achieve satisfactory results.
Sound insulation performance: rock wool and slag wool products have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption performance. The sound absorption mechanism is that the products have porous structure. When the sound wave passes through, friction occurs due to the effect of flow resistance, which makes part of the sound energy absorbed by the fiber and hinders the transmission of sound wave

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