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Industry dynamics

Construction Scheme of External Wall Insulation

  First, the general situation of the project is that the exterior wall is insulated by rock wool board.
  II. Construction process
  1. Grass-roots interface treatment: the wall should be cleaned up, oil stains, floating ash, etc. The loose and weathered parts of the wall should be removed. When the bulge on the wall surface is larger than 10 mm, it should be removed.
In order to make the interface adhesion uniform and homogeneous, the wall should be treated by spraying gun or rolling brush to uniformly coat the interface mortar, so as to ensure that all the walls can be treated by the interface. Brick walls and aerated concrete walls should be wetted by water before interfacial treatment. When blocking scaffolds and discarded holes, debris and dust in the holes should be cleaned up, watered and wetted, and then filled with 1:3 cement mortar.
  2. Suspension vertical and elastic control line: according to the height of the building to determine the laying-out method, using the wall corner, both sides of the door and window, using theodolite to find the vertical line, stretching low-carbon steel wire to find rules, the horizontal line can be based on the floor elevation upward 500 mm line as the horizontal datum line for intersection control. According to adjusting the vertical line and insulation thickness, the control line on both sides of the big angle of each step frame is projected, and then the horizontal line is pulled as the marking block.
  3. Installation of rock wool board: (frame bonding + expansion bolt anchorage)

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