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Industry dynamics

Application and construction method of rock wool

  1. Apply appropriate width and thickness of bonding mortar on the back of rock wool board (using special rock wool board bonding mortar produced by Hao Peng), then evenly apply a certain number of circular bonding points with a certain thickness and a diameter of about 100 mm on the middle part, and the total bonding area is not less than 40%; when the building is 60 meters or above, the bonding mortar should be applied to the middle part. The total paste area should not be less than 60%.
  2. The rock wool board with bonded mortar will be laid from bottom to top, and the long edge of the rock wool board will be laid and pasted along the horizontal direction.
  3. The vertical joint should be 1/2 plate length of staggered joint or more than 20 mm.
  4. Rock wool board should be overlapped by staggered stubble at both sides of the wall corner and ensure the verticality of the wall corner.
  5. If the joint width of rock wool board is more than 1.5mm, the joint shall be filled with rock wool slab of appropriate width, and the slab shall not be bonded. In order to prevent the rock wool board from falling off, it is necessary to follow the above construction requirements and do every construction step well.

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