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Points for Attention in High Temperature Use of Glass Cotton

  It is believed that many people know that glass wool is a very widely used building material in the construction industry. It has its own unique advantages after superb technical processing. Relevant experimental studies have proved that when glass wool is used in high temperature environment, rivets are usually welded on the surface of equipment in advance, and then wired. Glass wool is tied to the surface of the equipment. When the temperature of the equipment is over 250 C, attention should be paid to the double-layer insulation method. At the same time, attention should be paid to the distance between the inner and outer glass wool interfaces to avoid heat loss. However, when the temperature exceeds 400 C, attention should be paid to the inner aluminum silicate. The thickness of the outer layer is the glass wool with high temperature resistance. The distance between the inner and outer layers should be paid attention to. The outer layer is wrapped, which not only protects the glass wool, but also plays a decorative role to a certain extent.

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