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The use of glass wool is based on its own characteristics

  We all know that there are many uses of glass wool. In fact, there is a kind of deep processing glass wool which has more uses and is more practical. That is centrifugal glass wool. Centrifugal glass wool is a filamentous material which is used to process the fibrosis of molten glass by centrifugal injection method. It also needs to be processed in a fixed way to form the prototype of centrifugal glass wool. In this way, products of various shapes can be made, such as centrifugal glass wool rod, centrifugal glass wool tube and centrifugal glass wool felt are typical centrifugal glass wool products. It has good sound absorption effect and is used more widely.
The interior structure of glass wool is fluffy and the overall density is large. It can emit the absorbed sound in time, and the porous characteristics also strengthen the characteristics of noise reduction. Used in places where quiet is needed can realize people's need for quiet, and can better show his sound absorption ability. In addition, the surface of glass wool is rough.     When sound waves hit the surface of glass wool, sound waves can propagate through the stomata inside the glass wool, causing the vibration of molecules in the air, which cancels out. Another point is related to the thickness of glass wool. The thicker the glass wool, the stronger the effect of sound absorption. The thinner the glass wool, the less sound absorption, which can not completely play the effect of noise reduction.

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