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Industry dynamics
Summary of Rockwool Thermal Insulation Material
  Rock wool insulation material is mainly made of selected high-quality basalt. A professional four-roll centrifugal cotton-making process is adopted. After melting the high-temperature solution of basalt asbestos the day after tomorrow the basalt asbestos is stretched into 47-micron discontinuous fibers. A certain amo...
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Glass wool has excellent sound insulation effect
  Glass wool is the use of a variety of professional technology and patented centrifugal technology to melt glass and then heating there are a variety of smiling glass fibers not only in the heat preservation aspect can achieve relatively good results even in the heat insulation noise pollution prevention and other asp...
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Construction Scheme of External Wall Insulation
  First the general situation of the project is that the exterior wall is insulated by rock wool board.   II. Construction process   1. Grass-roots interface treatment: the wall should be cleaned up oil stains floating ash etc. The loose and weathered parts of the wall should be removed. When the bulge on the wall su...
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Application and construction method of rock wool
  1. Apply appropriate width and thickness of bonding mortar on the back of rock wool board (using special rock wool board bonding mortar produced by Hao Peng) then evenly apply a certain number of circular bonding points with a certain thickness and a diameter of about 100 mm on the middle part and the total bonding a...
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