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Enterprise dynamics
Glass wool insulation and sound insulation in winter
  Glass wool manufacturers suggest that in cold winter we should have a comfortable and warm home in addition to needing thick cotton clothes to protect ourselves from the cold but it is not enough to rely solely on heating because our house also needs heat preservation and good outdoor insulation materials need glass ...
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Points for Attention in High Temperature Use of Glass Cotton
  It is believed that many people know that glass wool is a very widely used building material in the construction industry. It has its own unique advantages after superb technical processing. Relevant experimental studies have proved that when glass wool is used in high temperature environment rivets are usually welde...
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The use of glass wool is based on its own characteristics
  We all know that there are many uses of glass wool. In fact there is a kind of deep processing glass wool which has more uses and is more practical. That is centrifugal glass wool. Centrifugal glass wool is a filamentous material which is used to process the fibrosis of molten glass by centrifugal injection method. I...
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Characteristics of Heat Insulation and Insulation in Steel Structure Buildings
  Centrifugal glass wool felt is a coil made for large area laying. It not only maintains the characteristics of heat preservation and insulation but also has excellent characteristics of shock absorption and sound absorption especially for medium and low frequencies and various kinds of vibration and noise. It is cond...
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